Zebra Finch Vs Society Finch: What Is The Difference?

Zebra Finch Vs Society Finch

If you are looking for smaller species of Finches to have as pets, Zebra and Society Finches can be a good choice to start with. But are they friendly enough to get along in a new environment? If you want to know that, you should compare Zebra Finch vs Society Finch.

Zebra and Society Finches are small birds and have a comparatively short lifespan. And while Zebra Finches are native to Australia and Indonesia, Society Finches are native to Asia. And despite having similar food habits, Society Finches tend to live longer than Zebra Finches.

But if you plan to get only one of these birds, you need to know a little bit more than that. So why not check out the details I have discussed in the rest of the article?

Zebra Finch Vs Society Finch: Comparison Table

CharacteristicsZebra FinchSociety Finch
Scientific NameTaeniopygia guttataLonchura striata domestica
LocationAustralia, IndonesiaAsia
ColorGrey, dark brown, black, etc.Brown, tan, and white
Size4 inches4-5 inches
Food HabitVarious seeds with fruits and leavesSeeds, flowers, fruits, insects, etc.
PersonalityQuite active and sings quietlyTough to tame and not very vocal
Lifespan2 to 5 years4 to 7 years
CostMore expensive ($20 – $70)Less expensive ($15 – $50)

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Zebra Finch Vs Society Finch: What Is The Difference?

I really like small Finches because they are quite adorable. But they also have some differences along with a few similarities. Here is more on that –


Though they are both Finches, Zebra Finches and Society Finches are not native to the same place. The Zebra Finches are originally from Australia and some parts of Indonesia. They are also available in Hawaii. On the other hand, Society Finches are native to Asia.


Zebra Finches have a combination of dark brown, black, and gray color with orange feet. But Society Finches have a combination of tan, brown, and white colors. However, both of these birds are small and grow around 4 to 6 inches long.

Food Habit

You can provide them with seed-based food. They will also like to eat fruits, vegetables, and insects occasionally. I try to give my Zebra and Society Finches pelleted bird food from time to time for nutritious purposes. Would you believe it if I say that Society Finches also like cooked eggs?


I like how both Zebra and Society Finches are comparatively quieter than a few other Finches I had over the years. They would chirp and make some other noise for communication, but they are not that loud. Like Society Finches, Zebra Finches can also get along with other similar birds.


While both Zebra and Society Finches are low-maintenance birds that get all nutritious food, they don’t usually live very long. Most of my Zebra Finches passed away around age 3-4. And the longest my Society Finches made was 5 years of age.

Pros And Cons Of Zebra Finch As Pets

Zebra Finch


  • Very active and outgoing and often interactive
  • They are often vocal and would sing sometimes
  • Small birds and easy to maintain
  • Readily breeds in captivity
  • Does not make much noise


  • Short lifespan
  • Requires larger cage for flight
  • More expensive than Society Finches

Pros And Cons Of Society Finch As Pets

Society Finch


  • Relatively calm and peaceful
  • Low maintenance bird and suitable as house pets
  • Actively breeds in captivity
  • Not very loud or vocal, so you can have a quiet house
  • More affordable than Zebra Finches


  • Not as colorful as Zebra Finches
  • Less active, which can be boring
  • Prone to various health issues

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can Zebra Finch and Society Finch live together?

Yes, Zebra Finches and Society Finches can live together in the same cage. However, it is important to introduce them to one another first to make sure they get along well.

Q. Is Zebra Finch or Society Finch better?

Both Zebra and Society Finches are suitable as pets because of their smaller size and peaceful behavior. However, some of them may take a little longer to be tamed than others. So it usually depends on the type of bird and how you treat them.

Q. Can Zebra Finch and Society Finch mate?

Zebra Finches and Society Finches can mate. In fact, Society Finches are known for being ready to mate with different species of birds and produce hybrids. However, it is best to not let them cross breeds as it might not be good for the baby birds’ health.

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Final Notes

Zebra and Society Finches are great companions if you want smaller birds that won’t require too much caring and are quiet. And the best part is, you can try to house them together if you want to. But before that, make sure to read the Society Finch vs Zebra Finch comparison to get to know them well.

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