What Do Java Sparrows Nest In?

What Do Java Sparrows Nest In

One of the things that every Java Sparrow enthusiast should know is the nesting of these birds. I educated myself all about it way before I bought my Javas because it is one of the important things for their survival. And the nesting should be good enough for them to lay and hatch eggs. But do you know what do Java Sparrows nest in?

In the wild, Java Sparrows build their nests in bushes, tall grass, or trees. And the nests are made of leaves, grass, twigs, and coarse other plants. If you are breeding Javas in captivity, you can provide them boxes to nest in and fill them with various materials, such as bamboo leaves, grass, feather, coconut fiber, etc.

Are you curious to learn more about Java Sparrows’ nesting? Do you want to offer them the best housing in captivity? Then I urge you to read this article because I have provided all the information from my experience.

Java Sparrows Nesting: An Overview

Nesting InfoDetails
Nesting LocationBreeding box, breeding pot, grassland, woodland, forests, cultivated lands
Nesting MaterialGrass, leaves, twigs, various plants, coconut fibre, or any coarse material
Nest TypeDeep or in holes
Nesting SeasonNovember to March
Nest Box SizeDepends on bird size and numbers

What Do Java Sparrows Nest In?

Java Sparrows don’t need or make bigger nests. But it has to be large enough to lay eggs and hatch them. But what kind of nests do Java Sparrows make?

In the wild, Java Sparrows build their own nests. They are not exactly fond of soft materials, so they tend to choose things that are a little coarse. So the Javas would choose leaves, grass, twigs, and various other plant materials.

And they would build their nests in various holes, tree branches, high or tall bushes, etc. when nesting in the wild. However, that changes when you are breeding them in captivity or keeping them as pets.

For example, I have made several boxes for my Java Sparrows. They are of various sizes based on my Java Sparrow’s size and how many of them are staying there. And if I am keeping a pair of breeding Javas, I ensure to provide a box size that will accommodate the parent Javas and the eggs until they are hatched.

Nesting Habits Of Java Sparrows

Java Sparrows build their nest during the breeding season because they will need a safer place to lay and hatch the eggs. The male Java begins searching for a suitable location for building their nest. And once he finds the location, he will start gathering nesting materials. And the female Java Sparrows will build the nest as well and add a layer of a few softer materials.

Though I usually build most nests for my Javas, I often let them pick their materials as well. Trust me, they are clever enough to know what they are doing. Even in captivity, you will notice that they are moving around the given nesting materials and building their own comfortable home inside the box.

Providing Java Sparrows Nest In Captivity: Things To Consider

If you are caring for Java Sparrows in captivity, you need to provide them with a nest or at least, a box with nesting materials. From my own experience, I would tell you to consider the following matters when offering a nesting place-

Nest/Box Size

If you are keeping a pair or a few Javas, you can give them a comparatively smaller box, such as a 5”x5” size. However, if you are keeping a breeding pair, the box has to be big enough to accommodate the eggs and babies until the weaning period ends. That is why I give them 8”x8” boxes or bigger if the Javas are large.

Nest/Box Material And Design

The box material is important because it needs to be comfortable for the birds. I give my Javas plywood boxes because they are light and safe. You must ensure that the wood is untreated and not painted. And the box should have a hole for the birds to move in and out.

Nest/Box Location

Java Sparrows prefer a little elevated location for their nests. So I place them a little higher inside the aviary. And it is best to offer a location that is somewhat quiet.

Nesting Materials

For the nest, you can give them plenty of different materials, such as grasses, coconut fibers, leaves, twigs, straws, etc. And though Java Sparrows don’t usually like soft materials, you can try giving them some cotton and feathers.

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As you have read, they are quite good at making their own nest with grass, fibers, leaves, and other materials to build homes in the wild. While it is easy for them to pick the right material out there, in captivity, it is YOUR job to ensure they get the right things.

And it’s not much, is it?

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