What Birds Can Live With Java Sparrows?

What Birds Can Live With Java Sparrows

Java Sparrows are usually peaceful and not very loud. But when it comes to living with birds, things can change a lot, especially if you choose the wrong birds for them to live with. Now the question is, what birds can live with Java Sparrows?

Usually, Java Sparrows can live with zebra finches and society finches, budgies, canaries, lovebirds, etc. But lots of it also depends on the bird’s nature, size, cage size, provided environment, etc.

Introducing new birds to each other is not always easy. Nevertheless, I have listed some birds that you can keep with your Java Sparrows. So feel free to read the rest of the article.

What Birds Can Live with Java Sparrows?

If you understand Java Sparrow’s behavior and food habits, you can easily know what birds to keep with them. Nevertheless, from my experience, these are the birds I have been able to keep successfully with my Javas.

can java sparrows and finches live together

Zebra Finches

Zebra finches are small birds and have been kept and bred in captivity for more than 100 years. Since they are usually kept in pairs, zebra finches do not usually need to be kept with other birds. But I have managed to keep them with my Javas.

Society Finches

Also known as Bengalese finches and North American finches, society finches. They eat seeds in the wild but you can feed them pelleted food in captivity. And you can certainly keep them in pair with another Java Sparrow pair.


Lovebirds belong to the parrot family and are native to Madagascar Island, Africa. They are quite small, lightweight, and not aggressive, making them more suitable for living with Java Sparrows.


Budgies or budgerigars are usually friendly and their seed-only diet makes them inexpensive. Budgies also happen to be one of my favorite birds to add to a Java Sparrow aviary.

Can Java Sparrows and Budgies Live Together


Just like Java Sparrows, canaries are also songbirds. They are small in size and easy to tame. And because of their similar characteristics, I enjoy keeping canaries and Java Sparrows together.

Things To Keep In Mind When Introducing Other Birds To Java Sparrows

Now that you know what birds you can keep with Java Sparrows, you can now get ready to introduce the birds to your Java. But before that, there are a few things that I always tell people to keep in mind and here they are-

Bird Size

Java Sparrows are small birds. So if you are adding more birds, it is best to add birds with similar sizes. From my experience, I have seen that adding birds that are too large compared to the Javas causes aggression and the larger birds bully the small ones.

Cage Size

If you are keeping several birds together, using a smaller cage will cause stress and make the birds sick easily. So make sure to choose an aviary that will allow the birds to move around happily.

Food Habit

Keeping birds on the same diet makes it easier to handle their diet. But if you have birds with different food habits in one place, it will be more hectic to maintain everything.

Behavioral Traits

The last thing you need is to keep aggressive birds with Javas because that will increase the chance of the birds fighting with each other. So make sure to choose birds that are usually calm and friendly.

Environmental Factors

All birds have special environmental needs that help them survive. So if you are keeping other birds with Java Sparrows, it is mandatory to ensure those birds also require a similar environment.

How To Introduce Other Birds To Java Sparrows

Before you grab some birds and shove them into your Java Sparrow aviary, read the following tips on how you should new birds to your Javas-

Keep Them Apart At First

The best way to introduce new birds to other birds is to keep them in separate cages first. You can keep them in different rooms first and then move to the same room after some time.

Move Them To The Same Aviary

A few days after keeping them in separate cages, move them to the same cage. Make sure the cage or aviary is big enough to house all birds comfortably.

Watch Their Food Intake

When you add new birds, it is natural for the Javas and other birds to eat a little less at first. But you must keep an eye on their food intake to ensure they are eating enough.

Watch Out For Aggressive Behavior

Different species of birds often get aggressive toward each other. However, if things don’t get normal in a few days it is best to keep them separate.

Give Them Time

It is natural for the birds to not get along at first. But that should get normal in a few days. So give them time but keep them under your observation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to keep Java Sparrows in pairs?

Java Sparrows do not do well if they are kept alone. So it is best to keep them in pairs or with other birds. They thrive when kept in pairs. If you are keeping them with other birds, make sure they are compatible.

Q. Can I keep Java Sparrows and finches together?

Yes, Java Sparrows and finches can certainly live together. However, you need to keep eyes on them to make sure they do not get aggressive.

Q. How long does it take for Java Sparrows to get along with other birds?

It usually takes a few days for birds to get together when introduced for the first time. But it may take a week or more depending on what birds you have added to your Java Sparrows aviary.

Final Words

Some people get bored by keeping the same pair of Javas for a long time. That’s why they would often come up to me and ask, what birds can live with Java Sparrows? And now that you know you can keep several species of birds with them, make sure to follow the right way to ensure the birds live together peacefully.

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