Finches Vs Budgies: What Is The Difference?

Finches Vs Budgies

Are you suddenly feeling all attracted to the idea of having Budgies or Finches or perhaps both in your aviary? Well, before doing anything, I would ask you to think twice. Because Finches and Budgies are two very different types of birds. So the best thing to do is to compare Finches vs Budgies to get a better idea.

Finches have smaller bodies with tall beaks while Budgies have larger bodies and tails with slightly raised upper beaks. They have bright and vibrant colors but Budgies have more striking colors. And though both birds prefer seed-based food with additional fruits and vegetables, Budgies usually prefer more variety of food.

Wanna know more about their habitat, behavior, and other natures? Feel free to read the full article!

Finches Vs Budgies: Comparison Table

Scientific NameFringillidaeMelopsittacus undulatus
Native ToNative to AustraliaNative to South America, Africa, Hawaii, etc.
Preferred LocationTall buildings, grasslands, forests, etc.Open forests, woodlands, grasslands, farmlands, etc.
Size3 to 10 inches5 to 12 inches
ColorMore color variety than FinchesWide range of colors
DietSeed-based food, vegetables, fruits, insects, etc.Seed-based food, vegetables, fruits, grains, etc.
PersonalitiesUsually social but often aggressiveGentle and easy to tame
Mimicking HumansCannot mimic human soundsCan mimic human sounds
Lifespan5 to 10 years5 to 8 years

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Finches Vs Budgies: What is The Difference?

Finches or Budgies, no matter which bird you want to pick, it is always worth having them. However, as a bird enthusiast and aviary owner, I have been breeding a mix of both for several years. So if you are interested to know their similarities or some differences, check out the following part.


Finches are native to many countries, such as Africa, North America, Hawaii, some parts of Australia, etc. Nevertheless, they are also available in many countries and they prefer high grounds, grasslands, farmlands, tall buildings, forests, etc., for their housing.

On the other hand, Budgies are native to Australia but can be found in other countries by many means. They also prefer high ground for housing but would choose deserts, woodlands, grasslands, etc.


Finches are available in a wide range of colors and shades, which make them very attractive. Budgies are a step ahead in this regard. With over 1,000 color combinations, they also have some very eye-catching patterns.

And as for size, Budgies are slightly larger than Finches, measuring around 5 to 11 inches. And Finches grow about 4-6 inches most of the time.


Finches are not aggressive. In fact, they can be very social and good pets if given the right and friendly environment.  And Budgies have a very charming personality. And the best part is that they can mimic human voices or speech. But the issues may arise if you try to keep them together or with the wrong type of birds in the same cage or aviary.

Food Habit

The good thing about Finches and Budgies is that they have a seed-based diet. So it is easy to keep them fed without spending money on buying different types of food. You can also give them tiny slices of fruit and vegetables. And additionally, Finches do like eating insects sometimes.


In the wild, both Finches and Budgies live a quite long life and sometimes it can be more than 10-15 years. However, they have a comparatively shorter lifespan in captivity. While Finches live around 7 to 10 years in captivity, Budgies have a comparatively shorter lifespan, which is around 5 to 8 years.

Maintenance and Care

If you are deciding regarding Finches vs Budgies breeding, you must know what cage or aviary size you need to provide them with. Since Finches are comparatively small, they can live in smaller cages or aviaries.

But because of their larger size, you must provide Budgies with larger cages. And though they are low-maintenance birds, you need to clean the cages from time to time to ensure their better health.


Are Finches or Budgies Better?

Finches and Budgies are quite different from each other in many cases. And there are certain advantages and disadvantages to keeping either or both of them. My suggestion would be to research more and learn more about their nature and behavior if you want to choose only one of them. You can also keep them both, as I do, but there is a thing or two you need to consider before that.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are Finches or parakeets better as pets?

Whether you choose to have Finches or Budgies, they both can be kept and bred in captivity. And providing them with enough food, the right environment, and talking to them in a nice and soothing voice can make them friendly with you. However, parakeets would want separate attention from you.

Q. Can I keep Finches with Budgies?

Finches are small and more timid compared to Budgies as they are larger and slightly more aggressive. That is why keeping them together is not always the best idea. But you can try to keep them together in the same room but in different cages if they do not get along well.

Q. Can parakeets or Budgies kill Finches?

Budgies are large birds compared to Finches. So when you keep only one Finch with a pair of Budgies, the pair can easily attack the Finch. And the Finches vs parakeets fight can get ugly and the pair may end up killing the poor Finch.

Q. Do Budgies mimic human voice or speech?

If properly trained, Budgies can easily learn to mimic human voices and sounds. In fact, Budgies are known for being one of the best birds to mimic human voices and speeches.

Final Words

Both Finches and Budgies are quite popular among bird lovers. But when it comes to choosing between Finches vs Budgies, things can get a little confusing. However, if you read everything I have explained today, I’m sure you can now decide more easily.

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