Can Java Sparrows and Finches Live Together?

can java sparrows and finches live together

There are many birds that you can keep with Java Sparrows. And if you are a Java enthusiast, it is natural to wonder if keeping Finches with them would be a good idea. So, can Java Sparrows and Finches live together?

Yes, Java Sparrows and Finches can live together harmoniously under a few conditions. First, you need to ensure both birds have gotten to know each other a bit before you place them in the same cage or aviary. And make sure you provide them with whatever they need to live peacefully.

What is the best way to keep Javas and Finches together? Is there anything you should watch out for? Well, I have answered them all in detail in this article. So why not dive in and find out?

Java Sparrows Vs Finches: A Comparison Table

Java SparrowsFinches
OriginJava and Bali (Indonesia)Africa, America, Eurasia, etc.
Scientific NameLonchura/Padda oryzivoraFringillidae
Size5.9-6.7 inchesVaries, but usually 3-10 inches
BreedingMonogamous and sexually monochromaticPolygynous and monogamous
PersonalitySocial and often territorialSocial and friendly
DietSeed-based with fruits and vegetablesSeed-based with fruits, vegetables, insects, and leaves
Lifespan7-9 years10 years
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Can Java Sparrows & Finches Live Together?

The first thing you need to know regarding this question is that Java Sparrows are not Sparrows. They are actually a type of Finch bird. So when people ask me whether they can keep Finches with their Javas, this is what I tell them first. I mean, don’t they ever suspect why they are also called “Java Finches”?

There are many types of Finches, just like the Javas. And the good thing is you can pretty much keep any Finch with your Java Sparrows. But of course, there are some factors involved.

If you plan to keep Javas and other Finches together, make sure to consider the followings-

Bird Size

Bird size matters! Javas are small birds, but you will find Finches of various sizes. But as birds have a tendency to bully or show aggressive behavior towards smaller birds, it is wise to choose a type of Finch that is close or the same size as the Java Sparrows.

Food Habit

Though most Finches have similar food habits, there might be slight differences. For example, both Javas and Finches eat seed-based food as their main food. But additionally, I feed them other food as well.

Some Javas actually like eating chopped fruits and vegetables. And my Finches often eat small insects and leaves. But I also give them various vegetable and meaty pellet food, which they also enjoy.


Since both Javas and Finches have similar friendly personalities, there is nothing much to worry about when it comes to their behavior. At least, from my experience, I have seen them get along just fine.

You can read Are Java Sparrows noisy? to know more about Java Sparrow’s personalities.


Last but not least, you must ensure both types of birds will survive well and live healthy lives in the provided environment. In captivity, make sure you know all about the temperature and light you need to provide them.

Can Java Sparrows Live With Zebra Finches?

Zebra Finches are small birds and are native to Australia. They grow about 4 inches, which makes them the perfect type of Finch to be with Javas. However, it is best to house them together only if your Javas are not very large. Because larger Java Sparrows tend to be territorial and get aggressive toward smaller birds.

Since zebra Finches have similar personalities and food habits to the Javas, they are among the ideal housemates. And trust me when I tell you this, I have plenty of them loving together peacefully.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can Java Sparrows and Finches cross-breed?

Though Javas and Finches are small birds and have similar sizes, it is unlikely that they would breed. Because even though they both belong to the group of Finches, they are not the same species.

Q. How long do Java Sparrows live?

Java Sparrows have different lifespans in the wild and captivity. In the wild, they often live as long as 8 years. But in captivity, most Javas live up to 5 years.

Q. Are Java Sparrows and Finches good pets?

Java Sparrows and Finches can be good pets if you can tame them. To do that, you can talk to them, try to hand-feed them, give them toys and treats, etc.


So, can Java Sparrows and Finches go together? Well, of course, they can. But since there are a variety of Finches available, you need to be careful about which Finch birds you are picking. And make sure you pick the one that matches your Java Sparrow’s diet, personality, and size and prefers the environment you provide.

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