Can Java Sparrows and Budgies Live Together?

Can Java Sparrows and Budgies Live Together

Have you got yourself Java sparrows and budgies at the same time and wondered if getting both species of birds was a good idea? That’s fine! Since different species of birds often don’t always get along, it is only natural to ask around, can Java sparrows and budgies live together?

Java sparrows and budgies do get along sometimes, but that is not always recommended as both species of birds have certain behavioral differences. However, you can try to make them get along by keeping them in quarantine at first and helping them to get along gradually.

If you want to know more about keeping Java sparrows and budgies live together, I suggest you read my full article.

Java Sparrows Vs Budgies:

Java SparrowBudgies
Scientific NameLonchura oryzivoraMelopsittacus undulatus
Size5.9-6.7 inches5-11 inches
DietSeed-basedSeed-based with fruits and vegetables
AggressionTerritorial and aggressiveLess aggressive and often friendly
Lifespan7-9 years8-15 years

Can Java Sparrows Live With Budgies?

I can tell you from my own experience as an aviary owner that it is possible to keep both species of birds together. However, I cannot guarantee that all Java sparrows and budgies will get along in the same way.

That is because Java sparrows and budgies have some differences in diet, territorial behavior, and more. But if you want to keep them together, you must keep them separated first, get them used to having each other around before you try to keep them in the same room.

Also, if you want to keep them in the same cage, make sure to provide the budgies with heavily planted areas that will serve as their hiding place.

How Can You Keep Java Sparrows And Budgies Together?

If you want to keep them together, you will need some time and patience. But can budgies and java sparrows live together in the same aviary? Well, if you want to do that, you can follow something that I usually do and it works most of the time.

Step 1: Quarantine Them

Keep the birds in quarantine by placing them in cages in two different rooms. Sometimes, when you get new birds, it can trigger anxiety and aggressive behaviors in other birds.

Step 2: Bring Them In The Same Room

Once the quarantine period is over, place the budgies in the same room. But make sure to keep them in different cages.

Step 3: Watch Out For Aggressive Behavior

It is okay to keep the birds together only if you think they will get along well. But always watch out for aggressive behavior. If you think they are not getting along, it is best to keep them separated.

Issues With Keeping Java Sparrows And Budgies Together

Here are some factors that influence the co-existing behaviors of the Java sparrows and budgies.


The Java sparrows eat seed-based food. And while the budgies have a similar diet, they also eat fruits and vegetable-based food. So if you have them together, you have to make sure they are getting adequate and the right amount of food.


Both Java sparrows and budgies have almost the same size. But some budgies can be larger and this can be an issue when housing them in the same or smaller cages.


While both Java sparrows and budgies are social birds, they are not always friendly with each other or even humans. Some of my Java sparrows are very territorial and don’t even like petting. So be careful when you keep them with budgies.

Can Parakeets And Java Sparrows Live Together In The Same Cage?

While it is quite safe to keep two species of birds in the same room in different cages, keeping them together in the same cage requires an extra leap of faith. I have often seen birds getting quite violent or depressed when kept with different species.

The Parakeets have a very different diet than the Java sparrows, which makes it very challenging to feed them in the same cage. Because that would increase feeding competition among the birds and trigger aggressive behavior. And the Parakeets are not very violent and can easily get bullied by the Java sparrows.

You can find more about Java sparrows co-existing with other birds in my other article on what birds can live with Java sparrows.

Final Words

Java sparrows and budgies are two popular bird species as pets are often bred in captivity. But while these birds can roam around freely without bothering one another in the wild, things can tense up when you keep them together in captivity.

But can Java sparrows and budgies live together? I would say as long as they don’t live in the same cage, I don’t see why this should be a big issue. But do keep an eye on the birds to ensure they are not triggered because of it.

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