Are Java Sparrows Noisy?

Are Java sparrows noisy

Java Sparrows are also commonly known as songbirds, which definitely makes some aviary owners like me worried. Because constant loud bird noise is not always very pleasing. But are Java Sparrows noisy? Or, do they make tolerable sounds?

Other than regular chirping and clicking sounds, Java Sparrows make squawking and chattering sounds when communicating with other birds. But they are more vocal during the breeding season and produce singing or melodic sounds. However, it would be wrong to call them “noisy”.

Do you want to be familiar with various types of sounds of Java Sparrows? Well, I have a list of them in today’s article.

Java Sparrow Sounds And Their Possible Meaning

Did you know that a Java Sparrow can make over 20 songs? Unbelievable, right? While I cannot tell you all about them, there are certain common sounds I have noted over the years that indicate some specific behaviors.

SoundPossible Meaning
Bill-ClickingJava Sparrows make bill-clicking sounds to create their songs during their courtship to attract their partner.
Chip-ChipAdded with the bill-clicking sound during courtship by male Javas to woo the female.
Chirp/PeepThese are the call sounds of Javas for communicating with others to indicate contentment or announcing a threat.
SquawkingAlso common for communicating with other birds, or when angry or agitated.
Wing FlappingJavas flap their wings frequently to indicate threat through movement or to grab attention.

What Noise Do Java Sparrows Make?

Because of the way their beaks look, many people think Java Sparrows are mostly aggressive. But are Java Sparrows noisy?

Well, Javas do make different kinds of sounds. But they can’t be labeled as “noise”. So let’s find out what kind of sounds they make so you can understand them better.


One of the characteristics that made Java Sparrows famous among bird enthusiasts is their melodic sounds or songs. And they produce these songs by clicking their beaks. The male Javas do it during the mating season to attract the females as a gesture of courtship.

Sometimes, the female would also click back during courtship. It is a gesture of accepting the male as her partner. Then they both would sing and move in a duet-dancing manner. And it might sound weird, but to them, their dance is more important than their songs.

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Along with their popular bill-clicking sound, they also add some sounds, such as chip-chip. It is also a part of the courtship behavior. They also make this sound when they are very excited about something.


The chirping sound is pretty common among many birds. So the Javas are no different and this is often used for communication.  I also noticed that they make peep sounds or something similar when they feel threatened or are announcing one.


Sometimes the squawking sound of Javas can be pretty loud. But they make such sounds when they are very excited or agitated about something. Moreover, you may also notice your Javas squawking when communicating with other birds.

Wing Flapping

Flapping the wings is not part of their vocalization. However, it does produce sound and it means something. In many cases, the frequent flapping of the wings can indicate the Javas are trying to announce potential threats. But they also do it in a peculiar way during courtship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do Java Sparrows sing?

Male Java Sparrows are known for singing by clicking their bills during courtship. They create various high-note melodies to attract other Javas for mating.

Q. Do female Java Sparrows sing?

Research shows that the male Java generally creates songs during courtship. But sometimes, the female Javas are also seen to take part and move with the beat in a duet-dancing manner.

Q. Do Java Sparrows mimic human sounds?

No, Java Sparrows cannot mimic human voices or sounds. They communicate using their own chirping and clicking-like sounds.

Q. Are Java Sparrows loud?

Java Sparrows can be loud sometimes, especially if they are excited about something, agitated, or feeling threatened. Other than that, they are only just as loud as any other birds, which is not too much.

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Are Java Sparrows noisy? Of course not, unless they feel agitated or threatened. But the sounds they produce at such a time cannot be called noise. It is still a bird sound that is trying to communicate in its own way.

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